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Announcing Global Search

posted 3 years ago

Global search was one of the most requested features for SVGBox. The old product management adage is that you shouldn't build exactly what your users are asking for. "They don't know what they want." Personal experience at an older company can stand behind that advice. We spend two months building a frequently requested metric our users wanted, only to realize how it wasn't being checked at all.

However, I don't think they will always lead you in the wrong direction. This feature made total sense. Why should the user go into every iconset to find an icon? The job only becomes harder as more iconsets are added. The users should be able to search all the available icons. More important was the fact that it's something that I myself found wanting.

I was inspired by Stripe's search and wanted to make it that simple, perhaps even simpler. The user shouldn't even have to browse to a different page to use the icon. I don't have a design background, so my approach is a mix of copying and trying out things. In the end, I am satisfied with the result.

"SVGBox's Global Search"

The search algorithim right now is pretty basic as it only matches the name. Moving on, I will be adding tags to make searching easier as one icon can have multiple use-cases that people search for.

On the closing note, I am excited about make it as easier it can be to use icons. I can say, it's my 'mission' now. :)